Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Another Holiday, came and gone
I posted this pic on instagram the other day
and I had several comments about the pewter
My Mother gave this pewter set to my husband
along time ago
She bought the set when I was a young girl
and would use it for our Thanksgiving meals and Christmas meals
One year, my husband casually said to my Mother,
that he wanted to be gifted the pewter set
so she gave it to him
lucky me...
One of the best memories that I have about the Holidays
is washing dishes after the meal with my husband's Grandmother
She was so full of wisdom and humor
I miss her
so this year,
I made my girls wash the dishes, glasses and silverware by hand
I called it bonding time
The next day when I was putting the tub of pewter away,
this is what I found

I'm guessing Holly isn't taking any chances
on anyone else claiming the pewter


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