Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Another Holiday, came and gone
I posted this pic on instagram the other day
and I had several comments about the pewter
My Mother gave this pewter set to my husband
along time ago
She bought the set when I was a young girl
and would use it for our Thanksgiving meals and Christmas meals
One year, my husband casually said to my Mother,
that he wanted to be gifted the pewter set
so she gave it to him
lucky me...
One of the best memories that I have about the Holidays
is washing dishes after the meal with my husband's Grandmother
She was so full of wisdom and humor
I miss her
so this year,
I made my girls wash the dishes, glasses and silverware by hand
I called it bonding time
The next day when I was putting the tub of pewter away,
this is what I found

I'm guessing Holly isn't taking any chances
on anyone else claiming the pewter


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Simple Christmas

A simple Christmas
at least that is what I am shooting for.
I made my list of "to do's" for December to put on my calendar
one word, SCARY...
there is so much to do
and I am actually starting the week of Thanksgiving
with decorating.
My daughter will be in town this weekend with the monkey's
so I will be cooking the turkey dinner on Sunday.
Married children=sharing Holidays
So with turkey dinner out of the way,
I don't feel so bad about decorating next week.

I have a few new things I want to create this year,
but for the most part,
it will be pretty much the same as last year.
I can't believe the Holiday's are right around the corner.
I guess the saying is true,
time fly's,
when you're having fun...


Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Let's just forget the fact
 that nothing  Anthropology makes
will ever fit me
but I love these little black dresses
the one with the bow around the neck
so elegant
lbd...little bubbly dresses


Stocking Stuffers

These would be perfect for the writer in your family
or for the person who journals.
I don't  journal,
but I do have a lot of binders
that I have filled with projects, magazine clippings,
furniture ideas, painting ideas, etc.
I also like to make lists.
it helps me get things done
and I feel like I have accomplished something
when I check it off my list.


Sunday, November 17, 2013


I love the weekends.
Especially, Sundays...
Going to Church
Eating a home cooked meal
Laying around
Making plans for the coming week
and in the late afternoon
I love to get my laundry done
wash, fold, and put away
It makes me giddy to have a clean laundry room to start the week off
another thing I like to do on Sunday evening
is spend fifteen minutes
running around the house picking up and putting things in their place
cleaning off the kitchen counters
unloading the dishwasher
getting the coffee pot ready for the next morning
you get the idea...
when I do this,
it seems like my Monday's have a hop and a skip to them
and when I don't
well you know,
I feel like I am ten steps behind

On another note
our weather is changing
sweater weather
my favorite time of the year


these are not my pics above, see tumblr for sources 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mad about Plaid

Why don't I have this yet?

I love wearing dresses,
but this dress would probably look better on my sister,
who is 6 feet tall

My sister told me the other day
that she missed my blog,
I told her that I lead a boring life.

I was reading
and she blogged about
a Christmas pledge calendar.
it's a guideline to getting all of your Christmas stuff done
before December 1st.
I really liked this concept
but it would be impossible for me to do this,
so, I came up with my own calendar.
I will let you know if it works or not.
that is, if
I start blogging again.
too future blogging or not...