Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Weekend with Hank

Hank is a happy 1 year old
so curious
loves his bath in the kitchen sink
loves visiting his papa's dogs
loves the song baa baa black sheep
I can't believe that I still remember
all those songs I sang to my kids
my SIL use to sing a song just singing all the names in the family
so I did what she did when my kids came along
and now I do it for Hank
he loved it rocking his body back and forth
his favorite thing to do this weekend was to be outside
he loved looking through the windows back into the house
Having a baby around is so much fun
especially, all the hugs and kisses


Monday, September 24, 2012

Frustrated with a Good Ending

It was so hot on friday
I wanted to pack my things and move
 to a place that requires wearing sweaters during the day
the hot weather was frustrating
attended an ffa banquet and auction
no bidding from our table
all we heard was mumbling from the auctioneer
it was so frustrating
a trip to the er with my mom
she hasn't been feeling well and were not sure if it's the meds
or possibly something else a little more serious
it was frustrating
took her soup on saturday
and there was mass confusion  about her meds
stuff like that drives me crazy
i like being in control
it was frustrating
my hubby was home for the weekend
eggs, bacon,  hash browns and homemade bread
hot dogs, corn salad, chips
rice and milk for dinner
rice and milk for late night snack
rice and milk after breakfast
it was so good we couldn't stop eating it
life is good when you have rice and milk to eat
and your hubby is home


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Not your Momma's Toll House Cookies

I really want to live in a place that has four seasons
It is so flippin hot here in Arizona

more chocolate chip cookies
my hubby literally goes into withdrawals if I don't bake them
at least once a week
he calls them toll house cookies
which is funny because I don't use the toll house recipe
and I don't use semi sweet chocolate chips
ghiradelli milk chocolate chips ONLY
you can get them at walmart really cheap
and watching the people that frequent there is fun
and I can go there in all my frumpiness
and feel like I fit in


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spray Painting a Goodwill Basket

a few months ago
martha stewart did a project
painting baskets
and I thought why not?

I found this old mexican basket
at a goodwill store for around
two dollars
the mexicans would walk the beaches all day
selling their wares for almost free
that was their favorite line to get you to buy whatever it was that they were selling
we always came home with a basket or two and jewelry
after a few cervesas
everything looked so pretty
especially on the beach

I used some old spray paint I had in our shed
to keep the cost on a cheap basket at a minimum
Don't you just love my designated spray painting area?
my hubby gave me strict orders that I could only spray paint in that area
I call my hubby
the spray paint whisperer
he can always tell when I have been spray painting
how does he do it?
I also call him
the dent whisperer
I put a little dent in his truck the other day
and can you believe he found it?


Monday, September 17, 2012

Things I am Lusting After and a Funny Invite


blood and sand nail polish
the perfect party outfit
gingham check anything
shimmering champagne leather
and this invitation


Monday, September 10, 2012

Barbies and My Seester

This post is for my seester
who loved playing with barbies
I on the other hand
was a tomboy
and had no patience for playing with barbies
it was such a waste of time
all those little clothes
putting them on
taking them off
of course
I would indulge her every time she asked me to play barbies
but as she remembers it
I only lasted a few rounds of changing clothes
and would announce my disgust
and frustration at the tiny clothes
and would leave the barbie mess for her to pick up
I don't think she has a very good memory...

I found the above pic while browsing etsy
I can't quit laughing


Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Can you smell it
homemade bread 

It's decided
when I grow up
I want to be a bread maker
I LOVE making bread

I found the recipe HERE


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sick Days

Last week
my youngest came down with
the school plague
at least that is what all the kids from school
were calling it
it spread like wildfire
and the school ended up with a whole lot
of sick kids
I was out of town for a few days last week
and one early morning around
two thirty
I received  this text,
not feeling well
staying home
not going to school
can you make me chicken soup?
It was a good thing I was headed home
the next day
Before I got home
I stopped by the grocery store
and picked up
"all the sick supplies that were requested"
homemade chicken soup
ginger ale
and let's not forget the 10 boxes of kleenex
it was a nasty cold
the school year has officially started


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hello September

Fall is in the air
not really
but thinking about hot weather
for another two months
is almost unbearable
another thing that is unbearable
 another four years of doom and gloom
loss of freedoms
more lies coming to fruition
an unstable health care system
uneducated people about our history and constitution
a government interfering with my Faith
a corrupted government
ran by corrupted people
a Godless nation
and world

praying fervently