Thursday, December 20, 2012

Making Ravioli

Making ravioli for Christmas Eve

Ravioli to Italians
is like
Chicken soup to Americans

If your cold, eat some ravioli
If you're sick, eat some ravioli
if you're happy, eat some ravioli
if you're hung over, eat some ravioli

The recipe that I use comes from my husband's Grandmother
Grandma Rosie
She was 100 percent Italian
She was a story teller
and she knew how to cook
I miss her so much
I always shed a little tear when I am making her ravioli
She was so much fun to be around


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Haute Hippie Feathered Skirt

Dear Santa,
I have been a really good girl
except for that one time....
and that other one time....
other than that
I have been a really good girl
please bring me a black skirt with feathers


A Craft from Pinterest

yesterday's project

my oldest daughter pinned this on her
pinterest board
so I took it upon myself to recreate it
it involved a trip to
office max
my closet
at walmart you had to buy the canvas board
in a pack of five
I only needed one
so now I have four extra canvas boards
at office max
the lady working the oversized printer
couldn't get the printer to print the size that I needed
after about 30 minutes
and taking other customers in between my project
she managed to get the size I needed
patience is a virtue that I don't posesse
but I am working on that
in my closet is a jar of silver glitter
that I have had for years
so at least I had that
no drama with the glitter
I followed this tutorial
for some reason the link to the original pin
my daughter pinned wouldn't work
now I just need to figure out where to hang it


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another Recipe from Pinterest

last night's dinner
was chicken and biscuits pot pie
comfort food
 quick to put together
due to the fact that I have a plethora of already
cooked shredded chicken in my freezer
I make lots of homemade chicken stock
which yields a lot of cooked shredded chicken
and I used
betty crockers bisquick buttermilk biscuit mix
for the biscuit topping
all in all
another successful recipe from
Ali's pinterest food board

Monday, December 3, 2012

My Brain is on Christmas Overload

you wouldn't want to be in my head
during the holidays
it's on overload
I have a million things I want to get done
and not enough time to do it all
I put up all my decorations and then spend the next three weeks rearranging everything
and don't even get me started on Christmas lights
I loathe putting up Christmas lights
but I love the way they look at night
so the more the merrier
I have to go to confession for all the cussing I did
while putting up the lights

it's 80 degrees in Arizona
and I really want to be wearing sweaters and leggings
not a t shirt and flip flops

I bought the little deer at an estate sale this past spring for 3 dollars
when I went to pay for it all I had was a
hundred dollar bill
the lady taking my money was totally irritated at this
and told me she couldn't sell it to me
(and if my sister is reading this, yes, I remained calm, even though
I was throwing darts at her with my eyes)
so I kindly asked her if she would hold it for me
while I went outside to my vehicle and
search for some loose change
I said a quick prayer to St. Anthony
not only did I find the three dollars I needed to buy the little deer that
the irritated woman was holding for me
I found three more dollars
it pays to pray

so today I was all set to spray the little deer with glue and glitter
to put in a jar with a tree
and when I looked at him
I just couldn't do it
so now he sits on my jewelry box
where he was meant to be for the holidays
unless of course,
I move him


A Grilled Steak Recipe from Pinterest

We ate this last night
it was really good
we weren't crazy about the
gorgonzola cheese
I would probably use some other type of cheese
the next time I make it
or at least cut way back on the
stinky cheese

I have been in a cooking funk lately
and so my youngest decided
to make a list of what she wanted me to cook
from her food board on
she even went so far as to make a grocery list
of what I would need
she has surprisingly good taste in picking out recipes

you can find the original recipe here
I didn't make my own pizza dough
I picked up an already made pizza crust from target
it was called
fire roasted thin square pizza crust by archer farms
it was good
I highly recommend it
and it saves time
especially, when one is ready to eat their arm off
one is so hungry

 yes I leave the fat on my meat
I grew up on a ranch and this is where all the flavor is
and it's good for you
despite what all the politically correct experts tell you