Saturday, January 26, 2013

Walking in the Desert

Most days
I have to force myself to put on my tennis shoes
grab my iphone and headset
and head out the door
to get my exercise

my town built a really nice
baseball soccer dog park
about a quarter of a mile
behind my house
since our government is broke
and we are borrowing money from China
it just seems fitting to call it
 the Chinese ball park

It's been a nice addition to our neighborhood
I love the fact that I can practically walk out my door
and get my two miles in without
really leaving my house

at night
the lights from the ball park give off a glow
and I can see the scoreboard flashing from my kitchen window
and when we sit on the back porch
you can hear the sounds of people chattering
and the crack of the bat hitting the ball

at first
I was a little miffed that they were destroying the desert
behind our house
I love living in the desert
but my opinion has changed
and so I would just like to thank the Chinese Government
for building such a beautiful park
behind my house
even if it cost a gazillion dollars
and our Government will be paying on it for years and years


Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Birthday and A Famous Pizza Chef

The dwarf turned seventeen the other day
where has the time gone?
A few years ago
walking down the corridor of PCH
to get her annual mri scan
I had an out of body experience
I felt my feet leave the ground
and it seemed like my entire past with Ali
came flying by me and I had an overwhelming
sense of peace come of over me
and then within seconds
my feet were back on the ground
I really can't explain it
but to say that somehow I knew everything was going to be okay
living with a dwarf has not been easy
but it has been so worth it
I wouldn't change a thing
It saddens me today
to know that people are having tests to make sure their babies are okay
and if they're not, making some tough decisions
on what to do with a child that is not perfect in the eye's of this world
all I can say is that they are missing out
on so much JOY
every child is PERFECT
I wouldn't trade the past seventeen years for anything
Thank you God for blessing us with her

For her birthday
she wanted to go to Chris Bianco's Italian Restaurant
he is the famous pizza chef that lives in Arizona
since we kind of have a history with him and ali
I called him over to take a picture with her
Thanks Chris for making Ali's day
and by the way
the food was to die for
I can't wait to go back


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Going back to the Holidays

Here are a few pics I took during the holidays
of my Christmas decorations
those **** sugar cookies
My sister in law does cinnamon rolls
for the family
I think we need to switch jobs
she has it too easy...
I made the pillows a few years ago
out of old table clothes and a western shirt of my hubbies
I still have my decorations to put away
but I am catching up
on all my tv shows that were recorded for the past month
Did you watch Downton Abbey's two hour special?
Loved it...


Monday, January 7, 2013

A Magical Christmas

i love this pic of Hank
monkey see monkey do
(maybe I spend too much time on the computer)
if he was quiet we knew where we could find him 

I really didn't mean to be gone so long from the blog
but I was busy getting ready for Christmas
family, food and fun

There is nothing like having grandchildren around at
Christmas time
it's magical
My house was upside down for a week
and I loved every minute of it
my oldest daughter surprised me with
eight in all
We kept them in the laundry room for a week
and then they started to venture into the kitchen
and pooping everywhere
it was time for them to go outside
My hubby built them a home
and we are having so much fun with them
they really are lucky chickens

Happy New Year's
a few days late