Tuesday, September 21, 2010

homemade red sauce

There is nothing better than the aroma of alot of this
cooking in this

adding these

and a couple of these

and a little of this

to make this

homemade red sauce

It's a Good Thing!
 For pasta, pizza, or for just grabbing a bowl of the sauce
and dipping some crusty french bread in it.
We love it...

images from google

Monday, September 13, 2010

orange monday

(google image)
I love the color orange and white pumpkins (my favorite).
(pottery barn image)
I love decorating my house in fall colors.
If my youngest would wear this, I would buy it for her.
But she just looked at me like I lost my mind
when I suggested it was cute.

(google image)
I would definitely wear this coat.
But by the time it turned cold here in Arizona
the colored would be all wrong.

(google image)
I love Halloween.
Haunted Houses, not so much.

(google image)
And I could definitely live in a house that was painted orange,
especially if the paint was chippy.
Of course, I would have to live where it snowed.
I couldn't have an orange house with out snow surrounding it.

my favorite time of the year...

Happy Monday,

Friday, September 10, 2010

another fabulous giveaway!

The Chronicles of Windy Ridge is one of my favorite blogs.
I love her home and her stories about her family.
She recently posted about a
"Woodland" theme birthday party for 2 little girls
named Saige and Hazel.
What a dreamy birthday party.
I loved the monogrammd silver sippy cups they were drinking from
and how the party was centered around the chicken house.
and did I mention she has 9 kids?
She is amazing.
Click here to enter her giveaway.

Good Luck,

a fabulous giveaway!

If you do anything this weekend,

make sure you checkout Twig's giveaway.

First, she is giving away a $ 50.00 gift card to Anthropolgy.

I visited their website and found this cute

little pot for $49.95.

I also found this sweater coat that I must have.

It looks like something I use to put on my

barbie dolls when I was little.

I actually hated playing barbie dolls. But that story

is for another time.

She is also giving away a $20.00 credit toward anything

in her etsy shop.

Be sure and check out her blog.

She has a post on blueberry pancakes with a dash of garlic salt.

Say whhaattt!

She says to trust her, its good!

As soon as the weather turns fallish here in Arizona,

sometime around January,

I will be giving this recipe a try.


check out the post where she sings a

song about snow that she wrote.

You will love it!

I did.

I almost forgot,
she is also including in the giveaway,
a copy of the movie,
and a
"Brook Waggoner CD".

Good Luck,


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a ranch weekend

I spent the holiday weekend at my Dad's ranch with all my family.
My new son-in-law moving cattle with the gang.
He hasn't been on a horse since he was 10.

I had every intention of taking pictures.
But when I got my "cheezy camera" out on the first day,

the battery started flashing "red", which meant, I wouldn't
be taking any pictures of the ranch.

I was able to take a few before it shut off.

(My son, above, was in charge of the bull pen)

Thanks to my beautiful niece,
(who by the way took a few of these pictures)
posted a few pictures on her facebook and so I stole a few from her.

Here's Ali contemplating all the fun we will be having.

Me and Ali's boots on the porch.

Resting up for all the hard work that is ahead.
(I actually didn't do any of the work, I am to old and I didn't want to
get yelled at, which happens alot, when you are in the corrals)
A few of us chicks, set up a tent for shade and watched all the
happenings from chairs.

This is my "cowboy".
Don't you just love the blue chair he is kicked back in?
It was made out of the most beautiful tourquise leather.

And here is my son,
kicking back in the "ugly chair", resting up
for all the hard work.
I had so much fun spending time with my family at the ranch.
Wouldn't trade it for any other vacation.
Well, maybe a trip to Italy...