Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mad about Plaid

Why don't I have this yet?

I love wearing dresses,
but this dress would probably look better on my sister,
who is 6 feet tall

My sister told me the other day
that she missed my blog,
I told her that I lead a boring life.

I was reading
and she blogged about
a Christmas pledge calendar.
it's a guideline to getting all of your Christmas stuff done
before December 1st.
I really liked this concept
but it would be impossible for me to do this,
so, I came up with my own calendar.
I will let you know if it works or not.
that is, if
I start blogging again.
too future blogging or not...



  1. Yes, to future blogging! Forget the not part.

    I miss your blog too.

    And in your latest post - the weather is CHANGING?! baha! lady, a friend of mine went with her little family to Phoenix this past week and she sent me photos of them in the pool! All of them - not just the children - and there was sunshine and such things. Out my window? This weekend I could not see one hundred yards across the yard -- there was blowing snow, blowing drifts feet full of snow -- a disgusting blizzard, and it's minus twenty right now. So....I am scoffing a wee bit at your sweater weather. :)

    Just teasing...

    Your blog is so pretty! Looking forward to whatever you have to say - your life is NOT boring. I love a glimpse into every corner.

    Have a good night!

    1. You are funny...and thank you for being so encouraging about blogging.