Monday, September 14, 2009

Weebles Wobble......

The dwarf is always falling. We really have been lacadasical
about her tripping and falling. Kind of goes with the territory.
Last week at a friends house, instead of weebling forward she
weebled backwards and just about knocked herself out.
Took her to the emergency center (she also, earlier in the week,
had tripped and hit her eye on the corner of her teacher's desk
and came home with a black eye). I told her Dad that they would
think we abuse her. Sure enough, the P.A. that looked at her,
raised her eyebrow and said," We're concerned that she is "falling"
(emphasis on falling) alot." Her Dad and I just smiled at each other.
Of course she falls alot, just look at her. You would fall alot too if you
had a head the size of a basketball and Fred Flinstone feet to stand on.
They did let us leave the ER with no questions asked. I guess we
looked harmless. I think it was the LOVE that was eminating from
our bodies that we have for Ali that just couldn't be ignored.