Sunday, March 24, 2013

What I Wore on Sunday

My daughter said I looked cute this morning
so I thought to myself
picture time

this is what I wore to Mass
jeans, sweater,  and sandals
we went to the early Mass
and I thought about wearing a skirt
but it was chilly this morning
and I hate being cold
and I almost never get told that I look cute
it's usually,
you're wearing that?

sweater...old navy
jeans...silver jeans
rhinestone bracelet...forever 21
earrings...salvaged from my daughter's goodwill pile

What are you wearing?


Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Lemon Cheesecake for Easter

I can't believe Easter is next weekend
time fly's when you're having fun
I am having the family over for Easter Sunday
the weather should be beautiful
and of course
we are serving lamb
grilled lamb chops and leg of lamb
no ham at this party
I saw this recipe from Donna Hay
and it looks delicious
I think I might try it
if I don't run out of time
sugar cookies
coconut cake
and a
lemon tart
are also on the menu
along with my sil's pies
coconut and banana
yes, my family has a sweet tooth

Donna Hay is one of my favorite cooking magazines
they are a little pricey
but she usually has some really good recipes
and the photography is beautiful

I am really looking forward to this Holy Week
we are turning off the TV and will be reading from the
they sent a special little book just for Holy Week


Saturday, March 16, 2013


Being that I am a sheepherder's daughter
I am buying this poster
and I have no idea where it will be hung and
I know you shouldn't buy things unless you have a place for it
but I just have to have it,
as soon as the Lenten season is over

I gave up buying myself stuff during Lent
after listening to a visiting priest talk about his work in Haiti
It was so sad
the living conditions of the Haiti people are horrendous
and I have so much stuff
I am truly  blessed to live in America

If you would like to make a donation
you can go to
they are truly doing God's work
and all donation's go to helping the Haiti people


Saturday, March 9, 2013

An Apron Kind of Girl

It's Saturday
the weather is cloudy and cold
I want to wear this apron and bake something
or just stay in bed with my down comforter
and dream about wearing this apron
and baking something
I think this apron will go on my wish list
What about you?
Do you love aprons?


Friday, March 8, 2013

Party in A Box

My FIL is celebrating a big birthday this year
since they live out of town
and we won't be able to celebrate with them
I put a little party together for him
in a box
I photo copied old pictures
strung them on some string
made confetti from the scraps of the cuttings
and added some balloons
I think I will throw in some candy
along with a special card
Party in a box
the next best thing to being there


Friday, March 1, 2013


1  2  5  6  

and just like that it's the weekend

as I am typing this post my hands are ice cold
and I am thinking about going to the store
to pick up a few things for the weekend feast
but the cold keeps me from moving
my mind says, get moving
and my body says, not yet
I have read some thought provoking articles this past week
that I just can't get out of my head
and then I came across this article
that brought a smile to my face
I think it would make a great short story on film
Here's to a peaceful weekend
and this song that I have been listening to all week on my iphone
while I am grudgingly getting my exercise
and if you're in town
stop by this neighborhood home tour
the weather should be perfect for it