Saturday, August 19, 2017


Everything in this pic is thrifted. 
In my line of work,
thrifting, is everyday.
It's in my blood.
Got it from my dad.
There wasn't a yard sale, thrift store, indian pawn shop
that we didn't stop at, to rummage through the junk
 that they had displayed.
And of course,
in the summer, up north in arizona
we always stopped by the indian stores in town.
We were always lucky enough to come home
with a piece of jewelry,
a bracelet, a ring or a pair of earrings.
Whatever we wanted.
We were so spoiled in love.
I have a collection of indian dolls that were bought from these stores.
Ketchy, little brown plastic dolls.
Dressed in indian attire.
Leather dresses, beads and feathers.
According to the Antique Roadshow,
they really aren't worth much.
But to me,
they are everything.
And if you were lucky enough to be a friend or a cousin
that was along for the ride that day,
My dad always bought a memory for them too.
The good ole days in America...
(I know its not pc to say indian, but as you can see,
I really don't give a damn...)


Thursday, June 8, 2017

I remember shopping for this dress.
I went with my Mother to a place called Goldwater's.
They had the most beautiful wedding dresses.
I tried two dresses on and when I put this one on,
I knew.
It had pink flowers and a pink ribbon.
34 years later and it's still hanging in my mother's closet
and I'm still sleeping with the same guy.

Life is a bit strange lately.
Not busy, but busy...
it seems as if, time is flying by.
Not accomplishing much.
Which drives me crazy. I'm list maker. A doer.
And I can't seem to get my sh.. together.
I can't even decide if I'm drinking latte's or diet coke.
Eating healthy, and then eating chocolate ice cream from the carton
because my sweet tooth has kicked in and eating healthy is out the window.
Grocery list? what's that?
What to cook for dinner draws a blank. Every single morning.
Praying. Not praying.
Mad at God. In love with God.
In love with my husband. Mad at my husband.

What are you fixing for dinner tonight?

Monday, June 5, 2017

I feel like I boarded a plane that was bound for war.
as if, I was dropped from the sky and landed in a country that was no longer mine.
and there's no escape.
It feels like hell.
A war without guns, tanks or fighter jets or bombs.

Good vs. Evil
Evil has ramped up its forces.
Good is vacillating on being PC.

Everything that I was taught growing up is upside down.

I am a stranger in my own country.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

This past weekend was spent at a family reunion.
My heritage is Basque.
Spanish Basque.
When we went to the Basque festival last summer, I got goose bumps
listening to the Basque men talking. It reminded me of my childhood.
My dad raised sheep just like his father before him.
Growing up, I spent just about every weekend with my dad
 (until I was 14 and then I discovered boys, more specifically, I discovered my husband and well, the rest is history)
 I could not wait till the weekend.
 I loved riding around with my Dad in his pickup truck.
 Stopping by the sheep camp, where all the men were gathered,
 waiting for the orders of the day from my Dad,
 checking the sheep, hauling water,
 and my favorite thing to do,
 moving the sheep down the road to another alfalfa field.
 I can still here the bells of the leader sheep and the smell of the wool.
That is an aroma that you don't forget.
Occasionally, pulling out a rifle to shoot a coyote
 that had found his way into the field for dinner.
Making our way back to the sheep camp for lunch,
which always included lamb
and the best part,
 rice con leche
 with cinnamon or dried apples that had been soaked.
My mouth is watering just typing that last sentence.
I miss those weekends.


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hank playing with my mom's kittens

busy, busy, busy
getting ready to do our annual San Diego beach trip
stopped drinking starbuck's lattes
I miss them
switched to diet coke for a couple of weeks for the caffeine
I hate diet coke
but I need the caffeine

playing poker with my mom and sibling's
so much fun
I love playing cards
I miss playing with my Aunt
she was so good at poker
no matter what, she always had a hand
I was amazed by her card playing skills

we recently made a trip to Tennessee to pick up two bird dogs for my husband
shoot me now...
I can't believe we are doing this again
I was so ready to be done with taking care of animals and children

doing the Junk in the Trunk in San Diego in July
lots of picking and painting going on
I literally have no more space to put anything
I need a shop


Monday, May 23, 2016

Up to my Eyeballs in Tomatoes

I think my husband's tomatoes have done quite well this year.
I posted this pic to my instagram account and he said last night,
"that's a really nice pic of the tomatoes you posted, but you should have turned a few of those tomatoes around to hide the bad spots".
I'm sure the people that follow me on instagram, looked at the pic and thought ewww, look at those tomatoes with the big cracks in them.
they were looking at the abundance of tomatoes and thinking, look at all that work that Petie has to do...cutting, cooking, canning...
What is wrong with that man?


Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Mom is 84 going on 85, 
smoked everyday of her life since she was 14 (disgusting, I know)
 has never lifted one weight or done any exercising what so ever, but she did raise 5 kids, 15 grandkids and 14 great grandchildren (and one on the way) and I call that being a superwoman.
Who needs to exercise with all that.
Her list of accomplishments are to numerous to list, but you get the point.
 Has never drank a smoothie,
eaten margarine and butter and probably everything else
 that we have been told that is bad for us
 and will shorten our lives and she is still going strong.
 I don't know another person as strong as her.
The reason for writing this post,
 is because of this  article,
 I saw the link on the blog, Tales of me and husband

 I think all this new age eating is killing us and that is my humble opinion.
 Bon Appetite...