Friday, April 10, 2015

The Weekend

photo by mark roper | country style via dust jacket blog

Doesn't this look like the best place to
stay in bed
all weekend long?


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Arizona Clouds

I was driving home the other day,
when the scene in front of me, stopped me in my tracks
I stopped right in the middle of the road
and snapped a picture
windshield and all
The Arizona skies have been beautiful lately


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Life Lately

Eggs and cereal
my main food source lately
My girls are only laying two eggs a day
that comes out to around $1.42 an egg
pretty soon they won't be laying any eggs
and I will have to consider them my pest control

About a year ago,
I discovered breve lattes at Starbuck's
I don't drink coffee anymore
I drink latte's
I have a venti size every morning
The only down side to this, the starbuck's next to my house,
is not a drive thru

I picked up a book at Goodwill the other day, Churchill's Triumph
I have yet to read it, maybe in Nebraska

I started watching Schitt's Creek, love it, it's so funny
RHOBH is "crazy", can't wait for the reunion, my hubby is so disgusted that I watch it

Lost Immigrant's, I love their music

Missing my monkey's and wishing they lived closer

Getting excited for our little wagon adventure, buying sinks, lights, etc...

Still addicted to estate sales, auctions, thrift stores

Lent is changing me this year

The picture was taken at my Mom's house
where we had the family Christmas party
and I have no idea what I was doing
apparently, entertaining everyone


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Goodbye Mrs. Kiddelhopper

it's all around
half way across the world
and right at my door step
there's no escaping it
the last year of my life looks like a used afghan
a little unraveling here
and a little unraveling there
and no matter how you try to fix it
it's still there
you do your best
it just doesn't look the same
there's always a hole and tattered ends of the yarn that came apart
you wish you had taken better care of it

Goodbye Mrs. Kiddelhopper, you will be missed


Monday, February 16, 2015

It's Monday

Would somebody please have a garden party?

So, I have been home for a week and I miss my hubby, ughhh...
I miss cooking for him and making him his favorite cookie
I have a million and one projects for him to do
he will be home in a few weeks and I will be writing how he's driving me crazy
never happy...

Lest you get the wrong idea,
in my mind, those pics from above are happening in the summer
not the spring
I loathe the spring...

I think America eats to much chicken
I have my reasons...
so I have dubbed Sunday's
chicken only

Petie's Sunday Chicken

I soaked a whole chicken in whole milk for a few hours,
drained it,
sprinkled it with olive oil, gave it a squeeze of lemon juice,
poured a little melted butter over it and some salt
and baked it for a couple of hours

Trust me when I say, you won't even have to set the table,
the chicken will be gone before you even get it to the table
it's that good...


Friday, January 9, 2015

It's Winter

I took down all my Christmas decorations
and my house looks so bare
and not in a good way.
The mornings have been a little chilly here in the desert.
I received two cookbooks for Christmas
and haven't cooked anything out of them,
not one single thing. But everything in them looks amazing.
I've been pinning lots of healthy recipes though. Pinning not making.
I'm such a procrastinator.
For some reason, I have the need to read a book.
I need to get myself to the library.
Is it just me, or is there NOTHING on TV?
My daughter bought herself a Rosetta Stone app to learn French.
I find myself,  answering oui, oui to everything.
I think the Spanish or Italian dialect is way more sexy.
The lady on the app, sounds as if she has a frog in her throat.
That, or too many cigarettes.
Going to the cold country for a few weeks.
I need to buy gloves, a beanie and snow boots.
Do they make tennis shoes for the snowy weather?
I have big plans on walking and getting healthier.
Just as soon as I stop procrastinating.

(Ali took the pic above
one morning before Christmas.
I had an apron on every single day during the holidays.
I love aprons.
 I made the one above out of an old pillow case.
I so wish I would have paid attention in Home Ec during sewing class.)


Sunday, December 28, 2014

Being a Grandmother

I have the best job

The reward for being a Mom
is that you hopefully get to be a grandmother
By the Grace of God
I get to experience this wonderful Joy
at Christmas time it's magical

Who knew that being a Mom and a Grandmother
would be the best job in the world...