Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Killing Time on Tuesday Afternoon

I want to read this book and be inspired to sew

I want to visit this place and dance my feet off

I want this bag on my shoulder

and most of all, I want to cook in this kitchen
Designer Karen Blake 


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  1. LOVE that kitchen. I tried to email you with the instructions on cleaning the silver. Did you know that you are a NoReply commentor? Anyway...If you pull the piece of silver out of the hot water bath and it still needs more tarnish lifted...take the old piece of tinfoil out, make sure the water is HOT, put a new piece of tinfoil in with new salt and immerse your piece again. I actually wrapped some of the bigger pieces with tinfoil before dropping them in the water. There were a few deeply tarnished pieces that I ended up using a bit of silver polish on AFTER the bath (which got most of it). Good luck and I hope you had a great day- xo Diana