Monday, November 19, 2012

A Yard Sale

"Your stuff is so expensive"
"you should have seen the price I paid for it"
was my reply

yard sales are a lot of work
but I am sure you know this little fact
most of the stuff I accumulate
is donated
either to the salvation army or some other worthy cause
after the yard sale,
it looks like most of my stuff will be donated once again
and I will vow
never to have another yard sale again
for as long as I live
or until I forget the pain of the last yard sale



  1. Oh-Yeah- Been there-done that- I have not had one in about 10 years now! lol SO much work for so litle- xo Diana

  2. You better not have donated anything I could have used!

  3. Every time I have one I swear it is the LAST TIME. I have had people ask to use my bathroom and then come out and ask for a tampon. One woman asked if her elderly mother could use my bathroom and then ask where she could discard her depends !