Monday, September 24, 2012

Frustrated with a Good Ending

It was so hot on friday
I wanted to pack my things and move
 to a place that requires wearing sweaters during the day
the hot weather was frustrating
attended an ffa banquet and auction
no bidding from our table
all we heard was mumbling from the auctioneer
it was so frustrating
a trip to the er with my mom
she hasn't been feeling well and were not sure if it's the meds
or possibly something else a little more serious
it was frustrating
took her soup on saturday
and there was mass confusion  about her meds
stuff like that drives me crazy
i like being in control
it was frustrating
my hubby was home for the weekend
eggs, bacon,  hash browns and homemade bread
hot dogs, corn salad, chips
rice and milk for dinner
rice and milk for late night snack
rice and milk after breakfast
it was so good we couldn't stop eating it
life is good when you have rice and milk to eat
and your hubby is home


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