Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Weekend with Hank

Hank is a happy 1 year old
so curious
loves his bath in the kitchen sink
loves visiting his papa's dogs
loves the song baa baa black sheep
I can't believe that I still remember
all those songs I sang to my kids
my SIL use to sing a song just singing all the names in the family
so I did what she did when my kids came along
and now I do it for Hank
he loved it rocking his body back and forth
his favorite thing to do this weekend was to be outside
he loved looking through the windows back into the house
Having a baby around is so much fun
especially, all the hugs and kisses



  1. oh my gosh!
    are you tired?!
    fun pics!!

  2. So very, very cute! Love the flyaway soft looking hairs in the top photo! I can just imagine him dancing around! :) Yay for the little ones!