Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Planning a family reunion

Every three years,
the family on my Mother's side gets together
for a family reunion.

About a year before the reunion,
the women get together to start the planning
and designate jobs.

We are not in charge of t-shirts,
but I came across this etsy shop,
and thought these were cute t-shirts.
We are of Basque heritage,
so whoever is in charge of designing t-shirts
will incorporate this into their design.

We are in charge of the band, the family video, and
I will help my sister with the games for the kids.

My daughter reserved a kick a..  band for dancing
 (we are dancing fools)
and now we need to get busy on the video...
but of course,
I am daydreaming of other things that I am not in charge of.



  1. What fun! I have not been to a family reunion in several years but plan on going to the one next year. Yours sounds like more fun than ours! xo Diana

    1. You are funny. About the only thing I look forward to is the dancing...

  2. Yeah! We have reunions and regular gatherings on both sides of the fam. We had a big reunion this summer at my Auntie's on my mom's maternal side. We had a barn dance in the loft of their barn on the Saturday night, "chuckwagon races" with the kids, and all had our own color of bandanna to help distinguish the families. There was no band and I bet yours is way more on the fancy side than ours was...but it was a blast, nonetheless.

    Also--those are THE BEST family photos ever! Did you guys seriously haul a couch outside. Whoo hoo! Only in the land of sunshine---we are supposed to get more snow at the end of the week.

    lastly, you had mentioned awhile back about a possible move to the coast. Is this still on your horizon? Not that I even know you, and I know you live far away already, but I felt sad when you said that...'cause I knew you'd be even further yet. Don't think I'm that whacko! haha! :)

  3. We have a crazy family that loves to dance, so the band is a must. From reading your blog, I bet your reunions are amazing with all the old stories and beautiful scenery. I had the men haul the couch outside. My sister found that couch for $5 at a yard sale. I just love the color. The flag garland I made from an old sheet that I had. I have no idea why men hate taking pictures. I won't be moving yet, but possibly in a couple of years after our youngest graduates from high school. Hopefully, we can keep the house, because I love Arizona. I don't think you are wacko. I relate to so many of your stories on your blog. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.