Monday, April 16, 2012

the County Fair and no Chickens

Mr. Mustard

Ali during showmanship

Keeping eye contact with the judge.

The chicken's I didn't come home with.

Mr. Mustard didn't do so well this year.
He took 3rd place.
Only 1st and 2nd place were able to sell.
Now we have to look for a home for him.
somewhere with cooler temps.

I think my hubby did a sigh of relief
when I didn't go to the auction.
I can get a little crazy at auctions.
But did you know that you can order chicken's on line?



  1. Petie- Are they holding the rabbits on their backs for inspection purposes? I am surprised they don't fight to get loose when they are held that way....sigh...and you MISSED the auction?;>) xo Diana

    1. They have to show the judge the rabbit's private parts...Apparently, before Ali showed her rabbit, there was a female rabbit in his spot. This was driving Mr. Mustard ***crazy*** if you know what I mean. Ali said he was definitely excited. Too funny...

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  3. my husband grilled chicken for dinner tonight.
    it was delicious. :-)

    AND...your comment made me mother ALWAYS said "I can make that" whenever I wanted something! My sister and I get it from her!!!!