Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life lately

pics from my tumblr

The weather here has been strange.
Hot, then windy and now cold.
Rain is supposedly on its way.
Will believe it when I see it or smell it.
I love the smell of rain on the desert.

The county fair has started.
Mr. Mustard is in a cage in one of the buildings.
The prospect of letting him go is hard.
Even though, Arizona summers are not for rabbits.
I don't allow pets in the house.
Hence, he has to go.
Last summer, just about did him in.

I have been dreaming about bidding on 
a few of the chickens at the auction.
If I have the chickens, then my hubby will have to build me
a chicken house.



  1. Oh- I have a feeling there might be a chicken coop in your future!;>) xo Diana