Wednesday, April 18, 2012

From Paris to London

 Before with the pink walls and Paris theme

Flag I used for inspiration painting her British flag

She loved these pillows, but they were very expensive,
so I found the pillow cases with the LOVE on line,
really cheap.

A few months ago,
the dwarf was tired of the pepto bismol walls
Paris theme in her room.

So from the Paris theme,
she went to a London theme.

The two middle pictures are the
inspiration photos
we used.

I painted the British flag on an old canvas I had with
craft paint I bought at Walmart
the pillows I ordered on line.
I picked up a British serving tray at Goodwill and spray painted
a few frames I had laying around in a shiny-

We still need to do a few more things,
but I really like the way it turned out
and so does she.


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  1. I'll bet she loves it. It is gorgeous and I LOVE those LOVE pillows! xo Diana