Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year

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Today marks the Chinese New Year.
It's always fun
when you go to a Chinese Restaurant to find out which
Chinese Zodiac sign you are.

According to the year and date I was born,
It says I am an Ox.
Loyal, tolerant, hard-working, and strong. 
That would be my good qualities.
It also says, I am methodical and love routine.
I agree with that.
One of my lesser qualities as an Ox are,
          I can be unreasonable.

My husband on the other hand is a Tiger.
It says he is competitive, fearless, and brave. 
I agree with that.
Because of their strength of character,
they can come off as selfish and stubborn.
Funny, I agree with that too.


With a Tiger as your lover, life will never be dull.
But the Tiger will lock horns with the Ox,
because the Ox is one of the few signs to match
the Tiger's stubbornness.

if you are reading this.
Thanks for never making life dull,
but you need to stop being so STUBBORN.
wink, wink...


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  1. I gotta check out what MyHero is...He has got to be a Tiger! lol...or a MULE! xo Diana