Thursday, January 5, 2012

Instagram and Teenagers

Photo a day Challenge via Instagram

Nest of Posies
blog is having a photo a day challenge via Instagram.  I thought this would be fun to do, only I needed my teenagers help with Instagram.

FYI-when you have teenagers, your sole purpose in life is to help them,
 not the other way around. 
You were put on this earth to be at their beck and call.
 Any help given by them will be done with rolling of the eyes, noises that you don't understand and making you feel stupid because you don't know how to do ANYTHING on the computer. 
You are so OLD...

I think I had to promise her the moon-or something along those lines.  
I abhor teenagers.  
My SIL once said that when your kids turn 13,
the devil takes over their mind and body.
I believe this is to be true...

I am a few days behind, but will catch up...

Day 1

Day 2
Delicious smoothie, gone

Day 3
Something I adore

Happy, Happy Birthday to the PERFECT DAUGHTER.
You Rock my World...


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