Monday, January 2, 2012


1.  Attend daily Mass
For Advent this year i attended daily morning Mass.  I would drop Ali off at school and then head over to the church for Mass-I loved it.  So I want to continue in 2012.

2. Try a new recipe every week.
I started this in 2011 but not very diligently. I have so many recipes not to do this and it will be a good way for me to weed through the good ones and throw out the bad ones.  And in the process clean up my recipe binders.

3. Daily Walking
I have exercised my whole life-I AM SO OVER EXERCISING-but I know the health benefits of exercising, so I think I can handle walking.  Of course, after I get a couple of cortizone shots in my feet.

4. Bull Sh...... etc.
Not putting up with people who bullsh.., lie, or think they are clever and going with my gut on people who potray to be Christian people and their actions are anything but. Even Christ warned us of these kinds of people.

5.  Photography class
Enough said. This blog is proof I could use some help.

6.  Sew more pillows, etc.
I have fallen in love with sewing this year.

7.  Visit the beach
My favorite place in the whole world is being around water and soaking up the sun.

8. Continue dreaming
Collecting pics and dreaming of my soon to be...........

9.  Slowing down
I have a lead foot.  Before Christmas after morning Mass, I was pulled over for going 80 in a 55.  What???? I didn't even realize how fast I was going.  He had been following me for over 3 miles.  No ticket.  Just a nice verbal warning about paying attention.

10.  Character defects
Yes, I have them.  Too many to list.  God willing I can remove a few with his help.

11.  Visit NY at Christmas time
Okay, that one is a stretch.  But something I have always wanted to do.

12.  Listen more
Listening to that quiet voice of God that is inside of me-my own thoughts are usually drowning him out. It would be very beneficial to me if I took the time to listen for it.

I am really not a resolution type person, but thought it would be fun to do this year.  Edie over at Life in Grace Blog gave me the inspiration.  If you get a chance you should read her post on Me and my New Years Revolutions.  It will definitely give you something to think about.


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