Friday, August 30, 2019

August 30 2019

If hell is anything like Arizona summers,
I better clean up my act…
It is hot as balls in the desert state.
And who came up with that phrase,
“hot as balls”?

The little one with the gap between his teeth,
Is most likely, our last monkey…
He is so loveable.
He loves to facetime and then just stare at the phone,
Not saying a word.
I love it when his mom has called me and he realizes that I am on the phone
and comes running down the hallway yelling,
mimi, mimi

For some reason,
I always thought, that when you grew older, life wouldn’t be so busy
And then God laughed…
I feel busier in old age then I did when I was raising my own children and working…
Which seems odd to me.
I started a new job
And I LOVE it…
Not doing the fall show at Junk in the Trunk this year,
which is bittersweet.
I will miss setting up the booth.
I love being creative and bringing  life to vintage pieces and seeing everything come together.
I do miss that…
I still do some picking, being a lot more selective in what I buy,  just saving everything I’m finding for the right time to show and sell…

Switching up the summer colors in my home to some fall colors,
Even though,
When you venture outside,
You melt (literally)…



  1. Petie- He is adorable. Our 'last' is now 5 years old and I can hardly believe it. Time is moving way too fast.
    Good luck on your new job. It felt bittersweet when I quit doing the shows, too,so I know how you feel. I always thought I would go back to doing them,but I never did.

    Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. oh- and I have never heard that term-hot as balls here but I can kind of imagine where the saying comes xo Diana

  2. Nice post