Friday, March 1, 2013


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and just like that it's the weekend

as I am typing this post my hands are ice cold
and I am thinking about going to the store
to pick up a few things for the weekend feast
but the cold keeps me from moving
my mind says, get moving
and my body says, not yet
I have read some thought provoking articles this past week
that I just can't get out of my head
and then I came across this article
that brought a smile to my face
I think it would make a great short story on film
Here's to a peaceful weekend
and this song that I have been listening to all week on my iphone
while I am grudgingly getting my exercise
and if you're in town
stop by this neighborhood home tour
the weather should be perfect for it



  1. What an absolutely lovely blog you have:) The picture with your pup getting groomed is so cute. I have two english springers that will be getting a hair cut today and they do NOT like it. I'm subscribing .. and look forward to following along!


    1. Thanks for the sweet comments, but the pics in this post don't belong to me. You can click on the numbers underneath the pictures and it will take you to Maddy's tumblr and you can see the incredible pictures of this dog, who was rescued from a dog shelter. :)

  2. I just read that link to the article about knowing your Latin...fascinating. I forwarded it to my kids...18 and 13. They have taken years of Latin and when I see articles like this it reminds me of what I'm missing out on not knowing. I love your thoughtful blog.