Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Lemon Cheesecake for Easter

I can't believe Easter is next weekend
time fly's when you're having fun
I am having the family over for Easter Sunday
the weather should be beautiful
and of course
we are serving lamb
grilled lamb chops and leg of lamb
no ham at this party
I saw this recipe from Donna Hay
and it looks delicious
I think I might try it
if I don't run out of time
sugar cookies
coconut cake
and a
lemon tart
are also on the menu
along with my sil's pies
coconut and banana
yes, my family has a sweet tooth

Donna Hay is one of my favorite cooking magazines
they are a little pricey
but she usually has some really good recipes
and the photography is beautiful

I am really looking forward to this Holy Week
we are turning off the TV and will be reading from the
they sent a special little book just for Holy Week


1 comment:

  1. Your menu sounds delicious and that lemon cake looks wonderful. I am assuming that is a whipped cream topping on there----xo Diana