Saturday, March 16, 2013


Being that I am a sheepherder's daughter
I am buying this poster
and I have no idea where it will be hung and
I know you shouldn't buy things unless you have a place for it
but I just have to have it,
as soon as the Lenten season is over

I gave up buying myself stuff during Lent
after listening to a visiting priest talk about his work in Haiti
It was so sad
the living conditions of the Haiti people are horrendous
and I have so much stuff
I am truly  blessed to live in America

If you would like to make a donation
you can go to
they are truly doing God's work
and all donation's go to helping the Haiti people


1 comment:

  1. I know how sad it is...and how blessed we are to live here. Haiti has been visited by our church and it is amazing how even the littlest thing brings so much joy there.
    I love that poster, too. My Uncle had a lot of sheep and I loved going there as a kid. We got to pick one lamb for a "pet" every Spring and would keep him a few weeks and then take him back to go with the flock. xo Diana