Saturday, January 26, 2013

Walking in the Desert

Most days
I have to force myself to put on my tennis shoes
grab my iphone and headset
and head out the door
to get my exercise

my town built a really nice
baseball soccer dog park
about a quarter of a mile
behind my house
since our government is broke
and we are borrowing money from China
it just seems fitting to call it
 the Chinese ball park

It's been a nice addition to our neighborhood
I love the fact that I can practically walk out my door
and get my two miles in without
really leaving my house

at night
the lights from the ball park give off a glow
and I can see the scoreboard flashing from my kitchen window
and when we sit on the back porch
you can hear the sounds of people chattering
and the crack of the bat hitting the ball

at first
I was a little miffed that they were destroying the desert
behind our house
I love living in the desert
but my opinion has changed
and so I would just like to thank the Chinese Government
for building such a beautiful park
behind my house
even if it cost a gazillion dollars
and our Government will be paying on it for years and years



  1. I have only ever visited the desert and can't imagine living there. It must be amazing though. I love the big water so would have a hard time living too far inland.
    What a wonderful thing the Chinese have blessed you with! Your own park!;>) Aren't they wonderful and aren't we stupid? xo Diana

    1. We are sooooo stupid. Your place looks amazing and I totally get the water thing. I would love a place by the ocean. I love the water too.

  2. Oh, in the heart of winter here, I'd do anything to walk in your Chinese the the sunshine.

    1. I have been thinking of you and all the cold weather. Hope all is well and you are staying warm!

  3. hahaha...that is the bright side. enjoy your walks!

  4. Petie, you crack me up! and yet so true! and at the same time so sad, right?! Anyway, good for you for putting on those sneakers. Trust me, I know how hard it is to do! Yesterday, I went to the forest preserve where I normally walk. Turned into more of a stroll as the gravel was soaked with water turning the whole trail into gloppy mud prints. Hmm... do I wait for it to dry up or hit the sidewalks? That is the question of the day!!

  5. You crack me up. Those desert pictures make me a little homesick.