Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Birthday and A Famous Pizza Chef

The dwarf turned seventeen the other day
where has the time gone?
A few years ago
walking down the corridor of PCH
to get her annual mri scan
I had an out of body experience
I felt my feet leave the ground
and it seemed like my entire past with Ali
came flying by me and I had an overwhelming
sense of peace come of over me
and then within seconds
my feet were back on the ground
I really can't explain it
but to say that somehow I knew everything was going to be okay
living with a dwarf has not been easy
but it has been so worth it
I wouldn't change a thing
It saddens me today
to know that people are having tests to make sure their babies are okay
and if they're not, making some tough decisions
on what to do with a child that is not perfect in the eye's of this world
all I can say is that they are missing out
on so much JOY
every child is PERFECT
I wouldn't trade the past seventeen years for anything
Thank you God for blessing us with her

For her birthday
she wanted to go to Chris Bianco's Italian Restaurant
he is the famous pizza chef that lives in Arizona
since we kind of have a history with him and ali
I called him over to take a picture with her
Thanks Chris for making Ali's day
and by the way
the food was to die for
I can't wait to go back



  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. Do you know my dil had some tests because of some "abnormalities" they though they saw and suggested she have an abortion. She said-absolutely not- My son said- Absolutely not. They delivered a perfect girl who is now 13 and an honor student and okay in every sense of the word. So, is it one of God's miracles or could some of those tests be wrong? It is heartbreaking when those that want children so badly can't have them and others sweep them away like yesterday's trash. God was good to you and gave you a beautiful gift...she's just in a smaller package. What's that old saying? Good things come in small packages? You've got living proof, Petie..right there! xo Diana

  2. Its a crazy world we live in and I love your thought on "a smaller package". Hugs...

  3. Petie, what a beautiful daughter you have and what a contagious smile! If only the perfect would be born-what an empty world we would live in. Happy birthday to your baby.

  4. Happiest of birthdays to such a Joy!

  5. love love love this story!!!
    happy birthday Ali.