Monday, December 3, 2012

My Brain is on Christmas Overload

you wouldn't want to be in my head
during the holidays
it's on overload
I have a million things I want to get done
and not enough time to do it all
I put up all my decorations and then spend the next three weeks rearranging everything
and don't even get me started on Christmas lights
I loathe putting up Christmas lights
but I love the way they look at night
so the more the merrier
I have to go to confession for all the cussing I did
while putting up the lights

it's 80 degrees in Arizona
and I really want to be wearing sweaters and leggings
not a t shirt and flip flops

I bought the little deer at an estate sale this past spring for 3 dollars
when I went to pay for it all I had was a
hundred dollar bill
the lady taking my money was totally irritated at this
and told me she couldn't sell it to me
(and if my sister is reading this, yes, I remained calm, even though
I was throwing darts at her with my eyes)
so I kindly asked her if she would hold it for me
while I went outside to my vehicle and
search for some loose change
I said a quick prayer to St. Anthony
not only did I find the three dollars I needed to buy the little deer that
the irritated woman was holding for me
I found three more dollars
it pays to pray

so today I was all set to spray the little deer with glue and glitter
to put in a jar with a tree
and when I looked at him
I just couldn't do it
so now he sits on my jewelry box
where he was meant to be for the holidays
unless of course,
I move him



  1. That is just one sweet little deer. I think we are all on Christmas overload this time of year....whew! xo Diana

  2. I do exactly the same thing-nothing is ever set in stone with me.
    Makes for a big clutter-bug in my brain-LOL