Monday, December 3, 2012

A Grilled Steak Recipe from Pinterest

We ate this last night
it was really good
we weren't crazy about the
gorgonzola cheese
I would probably use some other type of cheese
the next time I make it
or at least cut way back on the
stinky cheese

I have been in a cooking funk lately
and so my youngest decided
to make a list of what she wanted me to cook
from her food board on
she even went so far as to make a grocery list
of what I would need
she has surprisingly good taste in picking out recipes

you can find the original recipe here
I didn't make my own pizza dough
I picked up an already made pizza crust from target
it was called
fire roasted thin square pizza crust by archer farms
it was good
I highly recommend it
and it saves time
especially, when one is ready to eat their arm off
one is so hungry

 yes I leave the fat on my meat
I grew up on a ranch and this is where all the flavor is
and it's good for you
despite what all the politically correct experts tell you


1 comment:

  1. Your right about the Target pizza crust-Archer farms have several products that are that good.
    I grew up on a farm also so I agree totally about the fat on the meat-I need to do that in great moderation for health reasons but what I great taste when I have a bite!