Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Home Tour

I don't think that
I would choose this color of grey to paint my walls,
but for some reason,
I would have no problem
living in this home.
Love, Love, Love,
the black couch, shutters, and the framed pictures on the wall.
I could definitely cook in that kitchen
and I love all the wine bottles in the dining room.
The designer, Lizzy Carney, took one whole room
and made it into a huge closet.
I want to get undressed in that closet.

This has nothing to do with the pictures,
but I came across this on line catalog from design mom,
and couldn't stop smiling at their clever advertisement,
check it out,
it takes a few seconds to start and be sure and watch it till the end.



  1. Beautiful- I absolutely love it! xo Diana

  2. As I looked at those photos, I was thinking the VERY same thing you wrote! I don't think I would have the guts to paint my walls those colors, but I love it. It's beautiful. I am pretty much a yellow belly chicken when it comes to decorating.