Thursday, June 21, 2012


these pictures remind me of my
amachi and haytachi's  house
when you looked out their kitchen window
they had a field that led to the barn

they lived in a white house
it was beautiful
 homey and elegant
all at the same time
two stories
on the second floor
was an area for sitting
I will never forget that black l920's telephone
I wish I had it today

there was an area off of the carport
fenced in by a white picket fence
and a clothes line
we loved to play in that area
I will never forget the smell of her sweet peas
she always had planted in her garden

In the dining room
was an enormous wooden table
with a wooden bench on one side
and a padded bench attached to the wall
on the other side
my amachi always sat at the head of the table
lots of dinners and playing poker happened in this room
I miss that dining room

 The dining room had a bar area
they had a big glass case
 that held the most beautiful bar ware
it's probably why I have an attachment to
beautiful glassware trimmed in gold

Most of my growing up years
was spent at this home
I sure do miss it



  1. That sounds like a wonderful place with even more wonderful memories.

  2. These are the things that make us who we are. What treasured memories-I appreciate you sharing them.