Friday, February 10, 2012


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Arizona weather in February is beautiful.
Sandals and t-shirts.
Still drinking coffee.
A trip to Bakersfield.
Eating the best pizza in town.
Planting succulents and cacti.
Two Seesters Cafe next week.
Fun Fun Fun.
Winter fading into Spring.
Spring, ugh.
The possibility of a coastal job.
Crossing my fingers.
Saying Hail Mary's.
St. Jude novena.
I love the beach.
Baking a chocolate cake.
Baking brownies.
Making taco popcorn.
So tired.
Our Country.
It is grave indeed.
Where is our Mr. Darcy to the rescue?
A new baby in the family.
More later.

The pics have nothing to do with the post.

I love the outfit in the first pic.
But would try to find a sleeve that covers my upper arms.

 The kitchen reminded me of the kitchen
at my Grandfather's ranch house near
Wickenburg, Arizona.

And the bras, well, I thought they were pretty.


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