Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Imaginary Birthday Party

Since this is my imaginary Birthday Party,
I have blonde hair and its long.
Oh, and look,
I'm skinny too...

Since I am always undecided on what to wear.
I will wear two dresses.
This one will be for the beginning of the party 

this one to dance in...
I will probably ditch the red shoes and leave the boots on...

Of course,
there will be lots of white decor
and a
cake buffet...

I love cake...

Drinks would be served in JUGS...
no little mason jars at this party.


and at the end of the night,
my husband would surprise me with the best gift of all,

Thanks for coming to my party.
It was lots of fun...

Let's do it again,
next year...


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