Thursday, December 15, 2011

All is Calm All is Bright

I saw the
 All is Calm All is Bright 
decided my bedroom needed some decoration for Christmas.
Super Easy...

Now what would Christmas be without 
frosting a million sugar cookies?
quick and easy.
The peanut butter balls are new this year.
A little time consuming, but so worth it.
I found the recipe here.
I cut the recipe in half and I am so glad I did.
Can you imagine doing three more trays of those little suckers?

Just thought I would throw in some very unprofessional pictures 
of some of my Christmas decorations.
Now you know why 
I scour the internet looking for pics for the blog.
one...I own a point and shoot and that's about all I know about taking pictures.
two-anything on a camera besides where you click to take the picture 
scares the h*** out of me.

last but not least,
is the random groceries my Dad dropped off this week.

The grapes were really good.
So was the bread.
I have yet to eat the ONE avocado or the
winter? corn.

Thanks Dad,
Its one of my favorite parts of the day when you bring me groceries.



  1. LOVE the grocery pic!!! One of my favorite things about him!

  2. That's so sweet. He loves the grocery store!

  3. Oh and I can't wait to see all the decorations myself on Saturday!!!