Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a ranch weekend

I spent the holiday weekend at my Dad's ranch with all my family.
My new son-in-law moving cattle with the gang.
He hasn't been on a horse since he was 10.

I had every intention of taking pictures.
But when I got my "cheezy camera" out on the first day,

the battery started flashing "red", which meant, I wouldn't
be taking any pictures of the ranch.

I was able to take a few before it shut off.

(My son, above, was in charge of the bull pen)

Thanks to my beautiful niece,
(who by the way took a few of these pictures)
posted a few pictures on her facebook and so I stole a few from her.

Here's Ali contemplating all the fun we will be having.

Me and Ali's boots on the porch.

Resting up for all the hard work that is ahead.
(I actually didn't do any of the work, I am to old and I didn't want to
get yelled at, which happens alot, when you are in the corrals)
A few of us chicks, set up a tent for shade and watched all the
happenings from chairs.

This is my "cowboy".
Don't you just love the blue chair he is kicked back in?
It was made out of the most beautiful tourquise leather.

And here is my son,
kicking back in the "ugly chair", resting up
for all the hard work.
I had so much fun spending time with my family at the ranch.
Wouldn't trade it for any other vacation.
Well, maybe a trip to Italy...


  1. There ARE LA-Z-BOYS at this place? I love it! Sounds like a great day...always good to be with family, too!

  2. I will burn you a disc of all the ranch pix on my camera for you...you can share with holly who I'm sure will want them for her book. Great spending the weekend with you!