Monday, September 13, 2010

orange monday

(google image)
I love the color orange and white pumpkins (my favorite).
(pottery barn image)
I love decorating my house in fall colors.
If my youngest would wear this, I would buy it for her.
But she just looked at me like I lost my mind
when I suggested it was cute.

(google image)
I would definitely wear this coat.
But by the time it turned cold here in Arizona
the colored would be all wrong.

(google image)
I love Halloween.
Haunted Houses, not so much.

(google image)
And I could definitely live in a house that was painted orange,
especially if the paint was chippy.
Of course, I would have to live where it snowed.
I couldn't have an orange house with out snow surrounding it.

my favorite time of the year...

Happy Monday,

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous blog you have! I could sit and look at the pictures for hours. Now you have me craving hot apple cider and a good leaf-crunching walk. :)

    I saw on your profile that you used to spend time at a ranch in northern AZ? So lucky!! I just went there for the first time, kind of unexpectedly, and I was absolutely stunned by how gorgeous it was. I had no idea there were parts of Arizona that weren't like Phoenix! I could drive back and forth from Flagstaff to the GC every single day.