Friday, September 10, 2010

a fabulous giveaway!

If you do anything this weekend,

make sure you checkout Twig's giveaway.

First, she is giving away a $ 50.00 gift card to Anthropolgy.

I visited their website and found this cute

little pot for $49.95.

I also found this sweater coat that I must have.

It looks like something I use to put on my

barbie dolls when I was little.

I actually hated playing barbie dolls. But that story

is for another time.

She is also giving away a $20.00 credit toward anything

in her etsy shop.

Be sure and check out her blog.

She has a post on blueberry pancakes with a dash of garlic salt.

Say whhaattt!

She says to trust her, its good!

As soon as the weather turns fallish here in Arizona,

sometime around January,

I will be giving this recipe a try.


check out the post where she sings a

song about snow that she wrote.

You will love it!

I did.

I almost forgot,
she is also including in the giveaway,
a copy of the movie,
and a
"Brook Waggoner CD".

Good Luck,


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