Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i'm back......

My chauffeur and I took a quick trip to the East side of Texas.
I've decided I do not want to live there.
Are you ready for this?
Too many trees...
Yep, I am an Arizona girl thru and thru...
I need the open country.
The trees grow like weeds in that part of the state. I much prefer
the area around Austin, Fredicksburg (love, love, love Fredricksburg) and
my favorite town in Texas,
Now that is a town I could live in.
Really laid back, and I could have my white house with a
white picket fence
(okay, back to reality)

I do love the heritage behind Texas.
And did I mention, I love the panhandle.
I could live there too.
This is just a random pic of a flag from Texas. But when I saw it,
it spoke volumes to me.
I guess that is why they call it the lonestar state.
On our last day there,
I made my chauffeur stop at a peach stand.
As I was carrying the box of peaches back to the truck,
I heard my chauffeur mumble something about
"a whole box!"
They made the best peach pies.

I'm Back,

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  1. Oh good! I've missed you!

    And I'll be stopping by for some pie soon... :)