Tuesday, July 6, 2010

red, white and blue tuesday

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Sorry, my color post is usually on Monday,
but my daughter invited us to
the river for a fun day on the boat. I love boating.
I love the water, the sun, the wind, and I have always
loved how friendly everybody is on the water.
Growing up my best friend's parents had boats, so I was
always going to the lake or the river.
Most people from Arizona would rather be
in the piney woods for the summer,
but not this native, I love the water.
Be it the beach, lake, river or
a backyard swimming pool, I would rather
be near the water.
On a side note,
I loved reading all my favorite blogs
and how they spent their 4th of July.
It seems that family is where its at
when it comes time to celebrate
our country's Independence Day.
Despite what is going on in our country today,
its good to know where our priorities are.


  1. Super cute and festive! I just want to have the 4th of July all over again!

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  3. I love your new header...it may not be new but I haven't stopped be in awhile. I hope all is well!