Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer 2013

I love this bag
you can find it here

computer problems
no blogging

In early June
I went to the beach
my favorite place in the whole world
I love the water and the sand
we ate good food
had beautiful weather
watched a drug bust go down at one in the morning
as we were peeking over our third story balcony
with helicopters  and a squat team
a couple of houses down from where we were staying
scary stuff but exciting to watch
we also visited the San Diego Zoo
my least favorite thing to do in the whole world
but I sacrificed for my grandson

I was home for just a few days
and then onto Reno
where my hubby and I drove to Lake Tahoe
the water in that lake
is absolutely breathtaking
I want to go back in the winter
we also visited
Carson City and Virginia City
I love the feeling
of the old west in that part of the Country
so much history

and finally,
the Fourth of July
with family
at a resort with a big pool
the only way to spend Independence Day
in the desert

I better go
my grandson was here for a week
and my house is a mess
time to get busy


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