Thursday, July 11, 2013

Stuck in Traffic Forever

I went to town today
(if you grew up in Buckeye,
that's what you call going into the big city)
to pick up my son's birthday present
he has wanted an old ice chest forever
a really old one
but all the one's I have seen on the internet
are way out of my price range
but yesterday,
as I was looking on instagram,
one of the junk in the trunk girls was having a sale on instagram
and had posted a pic of a coleman ice chest
it was old, but not that old
I thought it would be perfect for his birthday,
and it would save me from running around in this heat
looking for one and it was priced right
I also scored some great furniture from the Salvation Army
for the next vintage sale while I was killing time
waiting to pick up the ice chest
on my way home I got stuck in traffic
if there's anything I loathe,
it's traffic that is not moving on a freeway
a big truck hauling watermelons overturned in the tunnel
and so all traffic was detoured OFF OF THE FREEWAY
yes, all 10,000 cars that were on the freeway and not moving
were detoured to a two lane road
it's a good thing I had my I phone to distract me



  1. How AWFUL, Petie! I hate traffic jams like that-one reason I avoid Chicago like the plague! I hope you post a picture of the ice chest. Glad you found one for your son! xo Diana

    1. Only in Arizona would they shut down the freeway for watermelons on the road. Its so insane, I just have to laugh at it.

  2. Yuma doesn't have traffic :)