Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Simple Mother's Day

Let's see
I woke up on Mother's Day at five in the morning
with Hank and his mom
I was having my Mother up for a Mother's Day brunch
raspberry scones
caramel rolls
a mushroom quiche, a green bean quiche, and a cheese quiche
fried potatoes
my sister brought the bacon and watermelon
I cut roses and beets for the centerpieces
I secretly have my hubby grow beets
so that I can use the top for centerpieces
I love the way they look in a glass vase
by the time we sat down to eat
I wasn't hungry
I was tired
I used the pink dishes that I have been collecting
from thrift stores
lots of ooh's and aah's
when they walked in the door and saw the table
and if you are wondering if I got a little blue box for my gift
sort of
my daughter who knows me to well
gave me a big box of goodies
a rachel ashwell duvet
cute little notepads for my desk
that say,
some people look for a beautiful place
and others make a place beautiful
and the cup above
we both love Pride and Prejudice
and the cup is very special
and at the bottom of the big box was a little blue bag
thank you Holly
I love you sooooo much



  1. Oh it's sounds like the best kind of Mother's Day-
    love all around.(and I must say my mouth just watered reading that great menu-yum)
    Have a good week.

  2. Your table looks absolutely beautiful! I'll bet you made every lady feel very special. I adore that tablecloth.