Friday, April 19, 2013

Even the Chickens are Busy

My week was very productive
and at least one chicken was busy
as you can see from the pic
we got our first egg
It only cost me two hundred plus dollars
hopefully, we will have more

I saw this shelving on the internet
and quickly pinned it to my pinterest board
furniture my hubby could make
with a few trips to the hardware store
cussing, rolling of the eyes, (all done by him)
telling me how much he hates threaded pipe
it got done
I love it
I am going to use it in the vintage market

I have been sewing up a storm
and if you know me
I don't sew
I am a very unconventional sewer
I do not know what I am doing
but I love it



  1. LOL- By the time you sew long enough in an unconventional manner you will become quite accomplished at it!;>)
    I love your shelving and I hope that egg is gold-coated at that price!;>) xo Diana

  2. Makes me smile to see that egg-after getting rabies vaccine for exposure I can no longer eat eggs. It is nice to remember picking eggs in the morning-always a treasure hunt.

  3. bet that $200 egg is delicious!
    have fun sewing.

  4. Love your new shelf! I hope you take a lot of pictures at your sale! I know just what you mean about the value of your egg! My husband said at the rate we're going, our chickens should lay platinum eggs. :) But isn't it exciting when they finally start producing!