Monday, April 8, 2013

Busy as a Bee

is flying by

I just realized that when my grandson is around
I get nothing done

at the end of this month
I am going to be a vendor
at a vintage market

I have a million things running through my head
hopefully, time will be on my side
and I will get everything done

I made myself an organizational board in my office
to help me complete my tasks
and to stay organized
and so far
it has worked amazingly

I have also been in a cooking funk
so yesterday,
I jotted down a week's worth of meals
along with the recipes and a grocery list
and after Mass I did my shopping for the week
crossing my fingers this will help

I meant to take a picture of what I wore to Mass yesterday
but my brain is in "get things done mode"
and as soon as I got home
I put on my working clothes and got busy
and then about half way through getting stuff done
I realized I forgot to take a picture of my dress
a flowery dress from Goodwill
it was so cute
and only five bucks
you should have seen it



  1. LOL- Well,maybe you can post a picture of that dress the NEXT time you wear it!;>) Sounds like you have a handle on things and that grandbaby is just adorable- xo Diana

  2. How precious with that tie and those chubby little fingers! --- I can't wait to see that dress.