Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Padre Hotel

This hotel is located in Bakersfield, California.

I was fascinated with all the details that went into 
designing this hotel when they renovated it.

Bakersfield is full of oil fields, hence the reference to the oil rig on the wall paper.
For some reason, it reminded me of the movie, "There will be Blood".

I thought this little detail was clever.

We saw a lot of these hanging on the doors.

This is what greeted us when we stepped off the elevator
to our room.  Each floor has a different mural.

Clever room markers.

This is the reason we saw so many "Whoa" signs on the doors.
The beds were dreamy. 
You didn't want to leave them.
Except to take a shower in the walk in shower/steam room.

Another wall mural in the lobby.

is the corporation that renovated this hotel.
They also have hotels that they have renovated in San Diego.
I will definitely be staying there when I am in that area.

I could go on and on about this hotel.
My weekend was delightful.
Thank you Padre Hotel.



  1. Oh that looks so fun and gorgeous! Glad you had fun!!

  2. I no longer feel bad that you had to drive. You better not move to CA!

  3. oh how fun!! i'm thinking a trip is in order!!


    oh, i found my little cow on ebay and hipstamatic is an app on my iphone, it lets you mix and match different films and lens...another slight {obsession} of mine!! ;0)