Monday, May 23, 2011

My Buddhist Corner and a Dirty Window

I think all I am missing is a burning cigarette.
Oh, and maybe some fruit or a donut.

Explaining the Buddhist corner:

Just to clarify,
I am not Buddhist. 
 I have nothing against the Buddhist people, its just not my thing.
I was making fun of my little window sill.
Whenever you visit the nail places they always have a 
ceramic Buddhist with a burning cigarette, fruit, and a donut.
I do not know why.
It was my attempt at being humorous and making fun of myself.
I could not throw away the little yellow can and so I thought I would put some daisies
in it from our garden.  I picked the last of our beets and these were
to small to cook, so I put them in the bottles.
And what can I say about Mary, 
I have lots of stories about Mary in my life,
but that is for another post.
I love looking at my Buddhist corner when I am doing my dishes.

and Would you look at that window...

Happy Monday...



  1. Maybe I'm stupid but I don't get how it is a buddhist me :)

  2. When you go to the nail places they always have a ceramic bhuddist with fruit, burning cigarette and donuts,etc. I was mocking them. Maybe I need to explain that on the post. Thanks for asking.