Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Geting Old

Rushing out the door this morning,
I grabbed a pair of flip flops out of my closet.

After taking my daughter to school,
I got out of my car and when I looked down,
this is what I saw.

I just started laughing.
Its gonna be a great day!

I think my legs need lotion...

I just noticed I spelled getting wrong.
Maybe I shouldn't leave the house today...



  1. Been there done that - but I work in a high school health room and was stuck at work all day - sometimes you just have to laugh at LIFE! And I do, Jennifer

  2. I DID this at a wedding! Two different black shoes! I don't even think the heels were exactly the same...one had brown stitching...one didn't...PEOPLE NOTICED! Needless to say we lived super far away from where the wedding was held too.

    Love the 'my legs need lotion...' always love your blog! :)