Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Martha Stewart Christmas

This flowering tower of presents is wrapped in paper that
was photo-copied from fabric.
Of Course,
who else but Martha Stewart to be so clever.

I thought this was a cute and easy way to wrap 
your gifts. If you visit Martha's site
she has a tutorial on how to do the felt leaves.

1,2, and 3 pics are all from

Aren't these cookies dreamy?
I love pecan puffs.
What am I thinking?
I love all the Christmas cookies.



  1. The top photo is so pretty! I believe the last photo is a trick, those kind of pictures, out of magazines and from fancy websites always just make me grumpy...I start out baking the blasted cookies thinking they will look exactly like the picture and every time they look like a four year old. I stopped caring awhile ago though; everyone wolf's em down just the same!

  2. I can only wish that my cookies would turn out as beautifully as these! Enjoy the show tonight! I can't wait. ha!

    your blog is super pretty!