Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Fun from Toast

Some more flipping thru blogland led me to this wonderful
site called Toast.  Above are their Chocolate flakes
for drinking.  The description said, " rich and delicious drinking
chocolate suitable for vegetarians".  Doesn't that just make you laugh?
I couldn't stop laughing.  
It comes in dark chocolate and white chocolate.
I loved the packaging.

These are their cowbell tree ornaments and miniture cowbell garland.
I want these so bad.  But I would have to change my whole
Christmas colors to copper and then I would have to paint
my walls white, etc.  You get the picture.
They come in a really cute box covered in recycled newspaper.
This company gets two thumbs up for being so politically correct
with their chose of words.  I call them "feel good words".

A knitted stocking to hang from your bedpost or mantel or
wherever you hang your stocking. Are you ready for this?
100% Organic Wool.
I kid you not.
That is in the description.
The last time I checked, all wool is 100% Organic.
But again, a feel good word.
If I changed my Christmas color scheme,
I would definitely be buying these hearts and round glass baubles.
Don't you just love the word, bauble?
bauble, bauble, bauble.

Not only do I want the "delicate handmade paper bunting",
but I want that wall, leather chair, and wood floor.
See what happens when I change my color scheme?

And of course, I would have to build a fireplace in my home to display
the votive lights that they sell.  See the brick in the background?
I think I will be incorporating them in my kitchen.  I know, they are
fireplace bricks.  But they would look so incredible behind my stove
 along the wall.



  1. I am enjoying your blog! You are fun to read!! bauble bauble bauble.

  2. Oh I say forget painting the dang walls just get the cowbelle garland!!!