Monday, November 15, 2010

A Mock Thanksgiving Table

If I was hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, 
this is what my table would look like.

I found the garland at, Walmart for a dollar.
The vases with the apples were bought to use at my daughter's wedding this past summer.
We ended up not using them.
They were to fragile for the candy bar.

The salt and pepper shakers were an antique find many years ago.
The little clay pots were purchased from my favorite store in Phoenix, Sage.
And the dishes are some of my favorite thrift store finds.
Do you recognize the glasses?
Martha Stewart.
She sold these at Kmart, before she up and left to go to Macy's.
Martha should really call me for some business advice.
I don't think Macy's was a good move.

We will be traveling to my daughter's home in the southern part of the state for 
Thanksgiving this year.

To all of you out in blog land,
Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!


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  1. I love this.

    I'm just catching up on reading blogs and loving perusing yours. Is that how those jars/bottles come? With the tag? (The one you gave me)